Millionaire Making Super Prize At Stake – Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes 

I think i have a confirmed noentry for this Millionaire Making Super Prize At Stake  – The amount of this super prize if i quoted it right? $2 Million All At Once ➕ $10,000.00 A Month For Life  – This would be like a miracle and a dream come true for me i need a stable roof over my head so i can protect my baby, my cat we have been on the run from domestic violence i”m disabled living on low income from S. S. I. And alimony money that my name is on The Housing Authority waiting lists in two different towns homeless last December staying in a temporary place trying to make it or i will be homeless once again and i can’t give my cat up to go into a shelter he has been through enough trauma already we both suffer from domestic violence abuse  – I’m so lucky i found this entry even if i made a mistake about this Millionaire Making Super Prize At Stake  – I will always be entering PCH Sweepstakes and keeping the faith that my dream will come true.


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  1. In disclosure to the entry date and configuration of the time of my entries i hope that the precise time for my entry acceptance, i enter all of The PCH Sweepstakes but lost the date for the last day that people could enter for this Sweepstakes that you offer to the public to enter – In response to this Sweepstakes and my comment is that i am keeping the faith and i know dreams do come true i have seen it for people i know but in different circumstances and situations that changed their lives, at the end of my comment i will add why i keep the faith ! My life has been on a rough road of despair i still walk in thoes shoes and if i could be of some financial aid i would know i have saved some hardships of people’s lives and know that these people won’t have to walk in my shoes – I want to give back and be able to help the less unfortunate people and animals that are out there that need financial help to stay in a more well being atmosphere there are a lot of charities out there that need financial help i can’t write them all but here is a few (example) The Saint Judes Cancer Research Hospital For Children and The ASPCA For Animals, The Shriner Burns Hospital and The Wounded Warrior Organization For Our Soldiers that risked their lives for us and came back home disabled or need artificial limbs — I am disabled my only happiness in my life is my best friend my cat through ,my income is so low i”m on housing authority waiting lists to get into housing an organization told me if i gave my cat up to the animal rescue shelter i could go into a homeless shelter and be placed first on the list to get housing but i can’t and i wouldn’t do that my cat has been through enough trauma as we have been on the run from domestic violence abuse since December of 2016 in a temporary place right now time is running out to pay for the cost of rent i have no friends or family to turn to help me due to my situation of domestic violence and my Mother is elderly just financially making it and she lives in Florida and i’m staying in Rhode Island, praying and keeping the faith.

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