Dandelion: The Rodney Dangerfield of the coloring world

The dandelion are pretty wild flowers in the beautiful color of yellow and these wild flowers grow in abundance, they are not a flower of course that you can purchase in a store and bring home and plant in your garden, the dandelion should be considered a wild flower to be respected for the beauty of nature is why you see these plentiful pretty yellow flowers, people should enjoy thier dandelions as they kind of in a scenic view look like yellow pokeadots that decorated the grass and not worry about the dandelions being on your lawn because they have a short blooming life of this type of wild flower turn into a seedy white puff and blow away also this not wanted but famous little flower people should give recognition and acknowledgement to the dandelions for for the beneficial reasons of it’s help in the medical field the dandelions have taken in thier medical studies about the dandelions, one other amazing thing that i learned about the dandelions from my Grandmother when i was a young girl and we have done this together went out on the lawn where the dandelions grew at the very base of the dandelion stem where you can see that fanned out looking thick leaves that lie on top of the grass clip thoes leaves off and bring them in the house put them in a strainer wash them off thoroughly a few times, cook them in a semi boiling water till tender strain the dandelions leaves and in a frying pan add olive oil and a little salt and pepper for taste add your dandelions leaves and simmer them on a low heat for about 15 to 20 minutes then you can enjoy another important thing about the dandelions they are ready for you to eat, and i would imagine because this flower is used for medical reasons to know that you can cook and eat the leaves could be a beneficial thing for a person’s health.


Until I owned a house in New York, I had no idea that dandelions were weeds and considered bad. Growing up in the Bronx, I thought of dandelions as pretty flowers that brightened up abandoned lots. I had no idea what weeds were. What’s a girl growing up in a concrete jungle suppose to know?

When we bought our pretty yellow house in New York, I thought the dandelions were perfect compliments for our place. Then we started pulling them and teaching my son to take them away. Now, Crayola Crayons is going to send the dandelion color out to pasteur. It’s being retired. How on earth do colors get retired? Does a color cease to exist?
I haven’t really colored anything in a long time. I know there are now adult coloring books but I just have not gotten into them. Even with my stressful work weeks, I’ve yet…

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