How has travel changed you?

Source: How has travel changed you? – ” People may think it’s strange why i have inserted this picture of my best friend my cat Lucky  – I can’t say how travel has changed me instead i have to tell you how travel has changed us – Before i tell you about our travel and how it changed our lives first and foremost i need to explain to you about this picture of my beloved cat as you can see Lucky is not just an ordinary cat besides being the master of all kinds of outfits he gladly wears and poses wearing like this hat, Lucky is exceptionally very smart and performs funny things one of his favorite things to do is carry a helium balloon around the house upstairs and downstairs and all about with the string from the balloon held tight by his teeth my story about my best and only friend could go on forever telling you about Lucky one more thing that is really special about my cat before i tell you how travel has changed our lives and once you read the second part of our story about travel you will understand why my cat Lucky was in Chapter # 1 Lucky was a ferral cat born in the woods i adopted him at eight weeks old after a fashion of time i began to understand that Lucky is also gifted as a medical assistant he warns me about my medical conditions by a howling meow or by staring at my feet – Chapter # 2 The Story How Travel Has Changed Our Lives  – To tell you the truth ! Lucky and I have never been on a trip of travel that most people go on or decide to take a vacation to travel and see the sights for a uplifting experience of what a vacation would be like and i would never leave my best friend and take a vacation and leave him with someone else  – So the moral of our story of how travel has changed our lives is been in a desperation of travel in hardship and despair to see a innocent disabled woman on the run from domestic violence trying to keep a roof over a woman’s head witch is myself and the love that she has for such a beautiful and unconditional love and affection and medical caring that is given to me from my best friend Lucky my cat from no where to go to keep us safe and protected to a seedy cheap motel room my whole S. S. I. Check was spent to keep a roof over our heads and food and kitty litter for my cat, no transportation i had walking to the stores to do the shopping and i was happy i was granted a few food vouchers for myself, a mile i had to walk to reach the grocery store and being disabled i couldn’t carry my items no money for a cab but i needed to be strong willed and strong minded so i could accomplish all of that, so i”m standing outside the grocery store in the middle of winter dressed in a light weight jogging pants and matching jacket no hat no gloves no coat to keep warm how do i get this food back to our one room temporary home i knew this was not the right thing to do but i was in so much despair of what to do so i put my groceries on the ground and walked through the parking lot and got a shopping cart and loaded it up with my baby my best friend food and my stuff and walked the 1 mile back to the motel room to open the door too see Lucky there being happy and waiting for me i hated to leave him but i explained to Lucky before i left Mommy has to go shopping and get your num nums your food don’t worry little guy Mommy loves you i will be back as soon as i can, what a travel we have been on still counting the months of this trip and when will it end, we have a temporary place now to live hoping for housing authority to kick in but i have been told you could be on a waiting list for a long time, so through our travels how it changed our lives with my determination and my courage and my emotional strength that i have had through this time of travel that changed our lives has made me a stronger thought minded person and has made my best friend Lucky more independent and trusting that he is in good hands with me as his Mommy that he will always be safe and happy as Mommy and my best friend, my baby Lucky, my cat  – To comment on other people’s travel how it changed your life my story is a little different but you all have to remember your life is what you make of it use good and positive thoughts no matter what your situation may be about change of travel how it might of changed your life, do the best that you can do to make a not so good of a issue that occurred into a good and happier way to deal with it, because we are our own backbone in our life, no-one can change better way of living your on your own in all daily life’s of travel, we have to make the good changes all by ourselves, even in life’s travels isn’t completed, it’s a heck of a lot better than where you started from in the beginning.


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